On Friday last week, Simon pitched at Brighton Soup for a bike. For those who don’t know what Brighton Soup is, it’s a small scale community version of Dragon’s Den. Basically people pay £4 to listen to four pitches, have soup, and listen to some music. People vote, and the winning pitch gets the combined total of ticket sales for their specific project.

Stoneham Bakehouse were pitching for a bike to enable us to travel to different venues, taking bread and wellbeing to those who really need it. We were up against some really good projects; a Lego club for autistic adults, a friendship agency for those with learning difficulties, and a kids club for the underprivileged. Excitingly, Simon’s pitch won the vote and we’ll soon be able to get the bike. Thank you so much to all who voted for us. It’s humbling to know that people believe in our project, and having a bicycle will help us to fulfill our mission of bringing bread and wellbeing to all. So, expect to see a bike whizzing around Hove in the next few weeks. One of the brilliant things about the Elephant Bike we’re getting, is that for every bike sold in the UK, they send a bike to Malawi to be used for development projects.

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