In this workshop we’ll make a couple of different Scandinavian inspired buns. Starting with our ever popular Swedish Cinnamon bun (Kanelbullar), and following that with a Finnish Cardamom rolls (Korvapuusti), we’ll bake the perfect accompaniments to the morning coffee. You’ll receive recipes and advice to help you bake these buns at home.


Rye breads are very popular across northern Europe, giving an enormous variety to the bread cultures of Germany and the Scandinavian nations particularly. Rye bread is easy to make, stays fresh for a long while, and has  fantastic flavour. In this workshop we will look at how rye flour differs from wheat flour, creating some delicious rye crispbreads, as well as a light rye loaf. We will have a light smörgåsbord to accompany some of the bread we’ve created, and will be able to discuss the different techniques needed to work with rye dough.


Olive oil is at the heart of Mediterranean cooking, and appears in many of the classic breads of the region. In this workshop you will learn to make a range of different olive oil enriched breads; from the Provençal fougasse, to focaccia, to grissini, we’ll look at how best to work with this kind of dough, and how to form these different breads. Suitable for novices and those with baking experience. You will receive a light meal of pizza, recipes, and bread to take home.


The festive period is a time to share food with family and friends. In this workshop you’ll learn to make a couple of different types of festive bun. We’ll make a version of the German Christmas bread, the stollen, with delicious dried fruits and marzipan; and we’ll make the classic Swedish Santa Lucia bun too. Both are perfect treats for a festive gathering. In addition, we’ll enjoy a light snack, and you’ll recieve recipes, as well as the breads you bake.


Working in a small group, you’ll learn to bake your own bagels in this workshop. From mixing the dough, to shaping, poaching and baking, we’ll cover the basics of making these classic ring shaped breads. In addition we’ll look at different toppings and flavourings, as well as enjoying a light bagel based meal.

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