One of the important parts to Stoneham Bakehouse is the way we work with the community; young and old. I love being able to share breadmaking and how it can have a beneficial effect on our wellbeing.

Last week I was lucky enough to go to the St. John’s Cafe and Centre, run by Impact Initiatives, to run a breadmaking session as part of the Older People’s Day. It’s always good to chat to people whilst we bake, and we produced some delicious chocolate buns during Monday afternoon, which were enjoyed with a good old cuppa.

At the other end of the age scale; I also worked with Happitots Preschool making flatbreads and healthy salads, and Hove Junior School using working with dough to support wellbeing. All of these projects have been made possible through funding Stoneham Bakehouse has secured from various bodies. We continue to look to provide this kind of session to members of the communtiy, spreading the therapeutic nature of working with dough.

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