It’s quickly becoming festive around the neighbourhood, and our thinking has moved to Christmas and when we’ll be open over the festive period. With our Covid-safe procedures in place, we’re going to stay with our current opening days of Thursday and Saturday for now, and initially into the new year. We’ve been blown away with the support and enthusiasm of our customers. Thank you. We realise that at times the queue can be quite long, and so to help with this, we’ve introduced an online ordering service for our Christmas Eve shop. The Click & Collect service should enable us to take orders for the Christmas Eve bake outside the time we’re open, and thus speed up the queuing on other bake days. In addition it should also mean we can hopefully limit the time spent in the queue on Christmas Eve, and maximise the time you can spend with your families that day.

So visit our Buy Bread section of the website and put in your order for the Christmas Eve bake.

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