brighton soupSoup is a fantastic partner to our bread. Many of you have told us how our bread regularly accompanies your homemade broth, and it’s always on the menu at The Hive.

As you know, as a community organisation, we’re always looking for funding to support our efforts to bring bread to the local community. We’re really excited to announce we’ve been selected to pitch at the next Brighton Soup on the 19th February; a community funding event.

It’s a fun, community, Dragon’s Den, where you get to be a Dragon.

The soup part refers to the food provided in return for listening to, and voting for, the four pitches by community organisations. It’s all based on an original idea from Detroit. The BBC made this short film about it, and they versions of Detroit Soup have been popping up all over the place, including our very own Brighton.

If you’re interested in getting a ticket and coming along, or finding out more about Brighton Soup, then visit their website. We’d love to see some of you there supporting Simon’s pitch.

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