I was lucky enough to got to a Mental Health and Wellbeing Conference the other day. One of the speakers was a poet, Dean Atta, who read his fabulous heartfelt poems on mental health issues. We got talking, and he told me about the performance poet Simon Mole, and his poem Making Bread.

Simon loves making bread, it means a lot to him.

Making bread allows me to do nothing at all for large chunks of time when the dough is resting or rising, but for once this lack of activity doesn’t worry me. I am doing something vital and necessary. I am making bread.

Bread means a lot to me too. Making it has been one way I’ve worked out can help me to manage my own depression and anxiety.  Bread (and making it) nourishes us in so many different ways. It means many things to many different people. What does it mean to you?

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