It's the small thingsLast Monday was Blue Monday, the so called ‘most depressing day of the year’. For me, the weekend before was way worse than the Monday itself. For no apparent reason I found myself in a real malaise. Getting through the weekend was a challenge; everything was irritating, nothing seemed worthwhile.

Though I manage my depression and anxiety fairly well, there are still days like the weekend before. My family and friends have been super supportive, and I owe them a lot. But baking has helped me to be more mindful, and baking helped me to feel better on Monday. Having to bake, feeling the dough develop in my hands, delivering complete loaves to The Hive and having a chat with Lara. These things really helped me. For many in the community, any day is a potential Blue Monday; but doing something physical, something with others, talking, can be of real help. It’s the small things really.

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