PrintWe’re very pleased to say that we have a new project starting in April with Hop 50+ in Palmeira Square, Hove. Bread Talk has been funded by a grant from the Hedgecock Bequest, managed by Brighton & Hove City Council, and aims to give older people the chance to  bake and a chance to talk. By getting together, making some bread, and having a chat as we do, we hope to tackle isolation amongst our older people.

depression in older people

Of course loneliness and depression are not confined to older people, I know how it can be so debilitating for the young too, but it is a pressing issue for many due to changes that occur later in life which increase the risk of isolation. It is estimated that over one million people in the UK aged over 65 are lonely, and loneliness can be associated with poor physical and mental health. Whilst many older people have regular contact with medical professionals, there isn’t always the emotional connection found in friendships. Hop50+ offer a range of activities for those in their later life, giving them the chance to connect, be active, and share in activities with others. Our Bread Talk sessions will add to an already diverse list.

If you’re interested in baking and benefiting from the therapeutic nature of working with dough and having a chat, or know someone who might want to, then contact Impact Initiative Hop 50+ to secure a place. We look forward to a chance to bake and talk with you.

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