I’ve just got back from my fortnightly stint at Hove Luncheon Club where I volunteer, helping out in the kitchen where we turn food rejected by the supermarkets into delicious meals for the over 55s of Hove. I find that being able to do this is brilliant for me; I get to spend time with a great group of people of all ages, and I’m also able to do something I enjoy doing – cooking. I’ve found that catering for 60+ people, chopping veg, segmenting a box of oranges, any mundane and mindless preparation task, helps my wellbeing. As well as mindful knife work, I appreciate being able to make a contribution to the lives of others and be socially connected.

VOLUNTEERIt’s not just me who feels like this, other Bakehouse volunteers have commented about the benefits they have seen from being involved in the project. The Citzens Advice Bureau have researched the impact of volunteering with them on the wellbeing of volunteers, with clear outcomes. Their report states that many volunteers felt less stressed as a result of volunteering, with others being able to manage their mental health better.

Stoneham Bakehouse is staffed by a great group of volunteers and I thank them for their commitment and hard work; from baking to helping with the admin, you’re all stars!

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