This week we’ll be baking on Friday (20th) with orders collected at The Hive (Friday 3-4pm) as usual. If you’d like to order a loaf (Seeded Malthouse, Pain de Campagne, 5050 wholemeal, Light Rye) or bagels, then visit our Buy Bread page, or email to place your order before Thursday.

#communitybaking breadsAs Friday is the last day of term before Easter we’re also making Hot Cross Buns. If you’d like to order some of these delicious buns for an end of term treat, then email us an order before Friday. As this week’s #Fridaybun they will be sold at the usual price of 50p a bun; however, we’ll be rewarding those of you buy 6 by giving them one free. So, you can get 6 Hot Cross Buns for the price of 5.

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