I posted an image the other day on my Instagram and Facebook feeds. It was me, with a whiteboard on which I’d written the reasons for my support and enthusiasm for Stoneham Bakehouse. The Bakehouse has been instrumental in helping me improve my mental health; by baking, and becoming more involved in the community, it’s supported my recovery from depression. As for me, this is a key reason why I support Stoneham Bakehouse. I want others in the community to be able to benefit from the therapeutic nature of breadmaking.

I support Stoneham Bakehouse because … baking bread in the community helps my mental health. #wellbeing #community

Posted by Stoneham Bakehouse on Wednesday, 2 September 2015

This is one of the reasons why I support the Bakehouse, but what about you? What are your reasons? Some of you have already added your reasons to the Facebook post, but you can also add them as a comment to this post, or perhaps even share a photo of yourself with a message by uploading it below.

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