Surrounded by the hubbub of the Farmers’ Market last weekend, with people tasting our bread, buying veg, trying cheeses, and exploring all the delicious local food on offer, the dream of a community bakery was a reality. It was brilliant to spread the word about community baking and share our bread; however, one conversation really touched me.Selling bread at the Hove Farmers' MarketOne of our customers on the day was Louise, who’d been to our June Everyday Bread workshop. Her husband greeted me with a handshake and “Thanks for bringing great bread into our home”. It’s so nice to know that the baking bug is spreading. I’d forgotten the buzz of seeing a student get hooked on a subject. Louise hasn’t bought bread since the workshop; baking the loaves she learnt on the workshop, but also adapting recipes to try things out. She said that before; “baking bread was a scary and difficult thing, as well as time consuming, but my day with you changed that!” Baking bread is a simple thing really, its just having the confidence to wait, to know when to put the dough in the oven, when to take the loaf out, that makes you successful. As a community bakery, as well as selling our bread, we want to see good bread being eaten across the neighbourhood. So teaching people to bake their own is really important to us.

We’ve got more workshops in the pipeline. So if, like Louise, you’d like to bake bread, but are a little unsure, why not sign up to one of our Everyday Bread workshops. Enjoy four hours of breadmaking; developing your skills of kneading and shaping, aswell as your knowledge of the breadmaking process. We’ll bake, chat, have lunch, and help you bring great bread into your home.

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