Stoneham Bakehouse has recently started a project with Hove Junior School. With funding help from the local NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, we have created a series of workshops that will use breadmaking to support the wellbeing of pupils and staff alike. The Play Dough project will continue throughout 2015, enabling us to allow many children to benefit from the positive wellbeing effects of breadmaking and working with dough. Each group of children will get a series of six sessions, which have been designed to link breadmaking skills to the five ways to wellbeing outlined in the New Economics Foundation’s (2011) report Five Ways to Well-being: New applications, new ways of thinking. The five themes see us focus on connecting, being active, taking notice, keeping learning, and giving our bread to others.

The community aspect of the bakehouse also continues to develop through a project we have recently received funding for. A grant from the local Healthy Neighbourhood fund will enable us to provide bread and healthy food workshops to local nurseries and playgroups. If you know of any such groups who would like to be involved in this project please get in touch.

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